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If you’re anything like me, inspiration hits you and the chaos starts. You often get ideas while your doing work for clients, so you have to put it aside. Personally I also prefer to variate so at the moment I’m writing a blog, but next hour I’ll probably continue with a project for a client.

Lots of people use a planner, digital or paper. But I’m really forgetful, so that doesn’t work for me. In stead I use my email as my to do list. I send myself various emails on a daily basis that have to stay in my inbox until I finished them. The same goes for emails from clients. I really hate a cluttered inbox (I love order and the satisfaction when something is done), so I try to do everything as soon as possible.

So this is just a tip, if you have a different system that works for you, that’s great! Everyone has their own style. But what’s most important is that you make notes. There’s not much more annoying than working around with a feeling that you’ve forgotten something, but no clue what (and especially if it’s for a client!).

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