Christmas card

Even though my work is 90% digital, I still love 'real mail', so Christmas cards are always paper! This years' design was inspired by embroidery. Photo by BGD.


Happy leaves

A little while ago I bought cute painted leaves and a sweet mini print by Teken-ing. The packing already made me really happy and now they have a nice spot on my wall <3



Fun for kids, but also grown ups: Let your imagination run wild and create your own monster freebie printable (instructions included), download here. Happy crafting!



For a designer it's the best and most fun to design a complete identity. Like this one I created for Brown Girl decorations consisting of a logo, product-category icons, shop layout, business cards, prints, price tags, watermark for pictures and 'thanks for your order' cards.


Fruity goodness

When I was working on this pattern design, I decided to save with every step, so I could share it over with you. So here it is! I started doodling a fruits pattern.



Sandra from Hipgemaakt asked me to draw a panda, for new mini garlands. Before I started I checked out the most populair (and well known) panda's of the moment, to make sure I didn't accidentally copied them. These were from A Little Lovely Company (balloon), Studio Inktvis and Eef Lillemor (last 2).


Work in progress

Being an illustrator/designer, people think all I do all day is draw figurines and that mostly true :) (but do keep in mind that it's a lot of work!)