Fruity goodness

When I was working on this pattern design, I decided to save with every step, so I could share it over with you. So here it is! I started doodling a fruits pattern.

Next I traced the fruit shapes in Illustrator.

and turned it into a seamless pattern.

I drew the fruit to scale (sort of), but that made the pattern unbalanced, so I scaled the larger fruit to a similar size as the rest.

Next I gave the fruit colors. I was considering using a limited palet, but it was intended as a cute pattern, so colors were ok.

Then I used texture technique I had just learned from a Atly course, giving it a more handmade feeling. I'm really getting a Eric Carle vibe here, I like it!

I wanted to make it even more handmade, so I changed the smooth lines into more pencil-like lines.

Now for the best part.. or so I thought.

I added the faces and I didn't like it! *crêpe* They were too heavy and made the pattern too busy. I tried white lines too, but that didn't work either. Now what?

I decided to do something else for a couple of days. When I was done with that, I took another look. I experimented with what would solve the 'problem', thinking it could always be a normal just fruit pattern, until I accidentally added a dark background and it made sense. And that's what I ended up with. Maybe a bit darker than first intended, but I like it!

The texture and effects are a bit hard to see zoomed out, so here's a close up.

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