Inspiration & Tips

I often get questions about how I handle things. As a designer & shop owner. So for your (and mine) convenience, I've written blog about the most asked questions. I'm not trying to suggest that I know everything or that these are the only or best ways. So consider these as they're intended: tips. What can work for someone can not work for the next person.

Inspiration & tips that can apply to shop owners and designers.
> Being consistent
> Being different
> Big picture
> Change
> Collaboration
> Fonts
> Inspiration & Copyright
> Likes vs sales
> Mailing
> Networking
> Openness
> Presentation
> To do list

I've had a Luondo & Etsy shop for a while, here are some tips.
> DIY mailtube decoration
> Goodies with orders
> Wholesale

I started ankepanke in 2008 and I've learned a lot in these years (for example, by making mistakes), to save you some time and money, click and read.
> Animated GIF's
> Ideas
> Logo design
> Making mistakes
> Offer service
> Passion
> Perfect client
> Portfolio
> Random design(er) tips
> Reveal sources
> What you do
> White background

Sometimes fun, sometimes a necessary evil.
> Comparison
> Keeping track
> Tweet tip
> Twitter avatar tip
> Twitter no-no's

Fun things on the internet I want to remember and maybe can appreciate too.
> Business cards at Moo