When I used to sell a product from my shop, I tried to turn the envelope into a little party. So that the wrapping is fun, not just receiving the ordered item. I think this really adds to the purchase, customers enjoy the experience (more) and might even come back because of that.

I basically only look my person opinion. What would I like to receive? This is not meant to be rude to other shops, it works different for everyone. But I think flyers are boring. You look at it, but they often disappear in the trash bin. I want to give something you can actually use.

As a designer I also like to add variation (also interesting for returning customers), so I always have a limited amount printed. That way, in a little while, I can think of something new. I’ve probably had much fun with it and add a little bit too many goodies, but the reactions I get make it worth it. I do this job because I love it, not (just) to get rich.

Oh, it’s also great to get rid of (cheap) products that don’t sell or misprints (that are fine, but not good enough to ask money for them).

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