Hippie totebag

Yesterday I received such an awesome package in the mail! First of all it was wrapped in fun colors polkadot paper, but the inside was even more fun! Do you know Studio Maas? She sews various great products with happy fabrics. I've had my eye on the flower print for a while. The weekend I went to Snor festival and I used one of my own designs totebags. I liked having that instead of a 'normal' purse. But the downside was that I couldn't close it. The sewing machine and I aren't really friends, so doing it myself was never an option, so I contacted Maartje and asked if she could make me a 'custom' bag, aka: the same als she normally does, but with a zipper. Being the amazing person she is, she said yes!

And that brings us back to the first line of the post: I received it! It's even better than I had imagined, she even lined it with red fabric! I love the shape of the bag, the ratio of how it hangs om my shoulder to the opening and of course the print, yay!

My place is a bit dark, but thankfully she took a few pictures herself before sending it, so here are some more details of the awesome bag! Can't wait to have an excuse to use it!

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