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The design of your website is the first thing people will see when they’re on your portfolio. What would you like it to say? I don’t know about you, but every now and again, it itches and I want to do everything differently. I get an idea and I want to change everything. So don’t take this blogpost to literally, at the moment I have a preference for a clear design, but that might change in a few weeks.

This is what I have at the moment. In spite of the itch I get sometimes, I usually go back to this. No fuss, so all the attention is focused on the work. A clear design that is easy to navigate.
Advantages Easy to use
Disadvantages Less distinctive from all other simple portfolios.

Some portfolio’s are a piece of art. This can be really nice, but keep in mind the client wants to see your work, he or she doesn’t want to have to search for it. An intro can also be annoying, if you can’t click it away. The first time they visit your website, it’s good, but the next times less interesting.
Advantages A joy to visit
Disadvantages Difficult to navigate.

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