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What to you put on your portfolio? There are many different opinions about what’s best. From a maximum of 15 works to everything you’ve ever made and show your process to concentrate on one style. I’ve tried out various versions over the years and what I now have, might change in a few weeks. So there isn’t really on right way, you have to decide for yourself. Sorry if this isn’t very helpful :)

Personally I have the issue that I like so many things. From graphic design, illustrations to pattern design. People tell me that it doesn’t matter what I make, you can clearly see it mine, but I often find it very different. At the moment I have my portfolio divided in genre, so: patterns, logo’s, letters, illustrations, books, greeting cards + birth announcements, sketches and snailmail. For the patterns I’ve also created a separate website (because I didn’t feel I could give them the attention they deserved without becoming too predominant).

Advantages short and sweet, especially big companies who don’t have a lot of time to browse extensive portfolio’s will appreciate this.
Disadvantages really limited and hard to choose, what 15 works do you show?

Advantages you don’t have to make any choices and can show how divers your work is.
Disadvantages depending on how diverse your work is, it can be a bit chaotic.

Advantages the client can see how you work.
Disadvantages many clients are mainly interested in the end result.

Advantages what you show is what you’ll get, so if someone is looking for something specific, they can tell by your portfolio they’ll get what they want.
Disadvantages a client isn’t clairvoyant, if you can do more than one style, they won’t be able to tell that from your portfolio. You can also come across as a ’one-trick-pony’.

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